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Stephen D. Williams sdw
Tue Jul 19 12:36:15 PDT 2005

There is a difference between the odds being high (implying high 
probability of a very bad outcome) vs. the odds seeming to be very 
high.  The thing with many wars is that the odds of a really bad outcome 
aren't really all that high.  Many would argue that the N. Korean's won 
a worse fate than they would have "lost".

As with many civil wars, the US would have been better off to have found 
a better way to transition.  The transition was inevitable; the civil 
war was about the worst, but fastest, path.  We've all benefitted from 
the civil war, in medicine if nothing else (besides the obvious civil 
rights), but there had to have been other paths.


Joe Barrera wrote:

> Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK) wrote:
>>  The stakes were pretty high in that circumstance..
> Well, yes, as they were for us in WWII. And as they were
> for the Vietnamese. I'm just saying that to attribute tolerance
> of casualties to the Oriental disregard for human life is,
> at best, at odds with our own (US) history.
> - Joe
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