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Stephen D. Williams sdw
Tue Jul 19 16:14:12 PDT 2005

I really don't know to what extent those would be considered to be 
"colonized" in the unwilling "conquer the natives" sense.
Certainly, to me it seems nothing like GB and India.  From Jefferson on, 
the US will sometimes buy land to get in, but that seems qualitatively 
different.  Another alternative non-conquering "colonization" method is 
probably extension of our defense perimeter by agreement.


Jim Whitehead wrote:

>>In any case, the US learned, presumably by being a freed 
>>colony, not to colonize when it had the chance which makes 
>>all the difference.
>Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and bunch of other tiny islands are all
>counter-examples. At least with Hawaii we overtly incorporated the
>- Jim
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