What SDW meant [Re: [FoRK] Westmoreland Dies...]

Jim Whitehead ejw
Tue Jul 19 16:48:18 PDT 2005

In the Philippines, the US took control after defeating the Spanish (1899),
then proceeded to eliminate a native pro-independence movement that wanted
to establish a government. The leader was Emilio Aguinaldo who was elected
by the Philippine people. At the time, the goal of the US was to create a
colony in the Philippines. Over 250,000 Filipinos were killed during what is
now known as the Philippine - U.S. War (1899-1913). The natives in the
Philippines were clearly unwilling, and clearly had to be conquered. 

The Wilson administration changed policy in 1913, starting a long process
towards independence. See
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Philippines for more details.

It's hard to find an episode in US history where we acted more contrary to
our founding principles.

- Jim

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