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Karl Anderson kra
Tue Jul 19 17:36:54 PDT 2005

"Russell Turpin" <deafbox at hotmail.com> writes:

> Thomas Friedman:
> >What struck me, though, was the instinctive reaction
> >of the Bahraini businessman sitting next to me, who
> >muttered under his breath, "Why are we in every story?" The "we" in 
> >question was Muslims.
> The obvious response is that belonging to that group
> is entirely voluntary. I wonder if such events cause
> even a few Muslims to question their faith?
> I doubt very many. That might be the scariest thing
> of all.


One area where the self-professed followers of the Carpenter have
shown some superiority over those who abuse the name of the Prophet is
in the creativity of their terrorism. Christian terrorists have
invented or perfected the car bomb, the no-warning bomb, the false
warning bomb, the secondary bomb, the proxy bomb, the VCR-timer bomb,
the dump-truck bomb, the fertiliser bomb, the litter-bin bomb, and the
on-camera hacksaw beheading. Even the airliner hijack was invented by
(presumably Papist) Cubans. The world record for suicide bombing was
until quite recently held by the Tamil Tigers, who are godless
communists raised as Episcopalians. In terms of bang-for-a-buck and
political effectiveness, the Christian fascist terrorist McVeigh
accomplished more at OKC than Osama achieved at the World Trade

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