[FoRK] Terrorism, religion, & Blair's lie (was: Poverty of Dignity)

Russell Turpin deafbox
Wed Jul 20 06:56:25 PDT 2005

Karl Anderson:
>"One area where the self-professed followers of the Carpenter have shown 
>some superiority over those who abuse the name of the Prophet is in the 
>creativity of their terrorism. .."

One of the most significant differences between Christian
and Islamic violence lies entirely in how the news is spun. Eric
Rudolph's sentencing is in the news now, but only a few of
the stories dare label him a Christian terrorist.

What's even more telling, and sad, is that no one dares to
describe what kind of religion generate terrorism. Blair will
blather all day about fighting "extreme ideology," without
once using the word "fundamentalist."

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