[FoRK] autoerotica

Regina Schuman rschuman
Thu Jul 21 06:49:01 PDT 2005

On the way to work this morning a bright red Mercedes-Benz CL 60
Kleemann pulled up behind me.  I didn't know it was a CL-60 Kleemann
from the front - i just knew this was one hot-looking vehicle.  I pulled
into the right lane and let him pull up beside me to get a better look
at this studly hunk of steel.  I only had a second before he was in
front of me, taunting me with those eliptical tail pipes.  

We were in heavy traffic and engaged in a little cat-and-mouse
maneuvering, knowing if there'd been a state trooper around we'd have
been ticketed for aggressive driving.

It wouldn't be the first time for me.

So I worked hard to keep Big Red in my rear-view - that's how I like it
- but it wasn't easy.  Whenever the traffic lights were on our side,
he'd zoom ahead of me.  Only my daredevil lane weaving kept me ahead of
him.  I wanted him to follow. We'd made eye contact and i had smiled
admiringly at his vehicle.  I knew he'd been fixating on my litle
Jetta's twin pipes and it wouldn't be long before he was pulled in to my
frenzied race.  

I was right.  And in heavy rush-hour traffic, I actually won. I lost
sight of him as I turned left onto Powers Road, noticing that he was
going to miss the light.  What a drag. I reluctantly pulled into my
space at work, feeling the tiniest pang of post-race depression.  The
chances of finding another CL-60 Kleeman in my rearview were slim.  And
I knew if we ever met on the highway our encounter would be fleeting. 
Sighing, I lugged my briefcase from the front seat and grabbed my
security key.  I knew I'd be distracted at work.


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