[FoRK] and then I realized, "actually, that could work!"

Ken Meltsner meltsner
Thu Jul 21 20:43:17 PDT 2005

How does the audio signal get through to the pacemaker?  If it's fully
implanted, I suppose there could be a magnetic pickup that would work
with an old-fashioned phone.

My wife's neural stimulators (electrodes implanted in her forehead)
uses a short range RF link for programming, etc.  The Medtronics field
service guy has the programming version of the controller (briefcase
sized, with lots of options for tuning the stimulation current
frequency, amplitude, etc.) but she only gets an on/off + gain

The devices remind of old-fashioned, nearly indestructible mil-spec
gear -- not pretty, not small, not lightweight, but (we hope)
extremely durable.


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