[FoRK] and then I realized, "actually, that could work!"

Bill Humphries bill
Thu Jul 21 21:06:15 PDT 2005

On Jul 21, 2005, at 8:42 PM, Ken Meltsner wrote:

> How does the audio signal get through to the pacemaker?  If it's fully
> implanted, I suppose there could be a magnetic pickup that would work
> with an old-fashioned phone.

The pacemaker was installed in a half-hour procedure under local  
anesthesia. The surgeon ran leads down a vein from an incision in the  
shoulder. Unit itself is in the top of the shoulder, and compact. I  
don't know what the exact means of connection are, but the magnetic  
pickup sounds plausible.

Oh, and Dad's unit is safe around microwave ovens.

-- whump

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