[FoRK] and then I realized, "actually, that could work!"

Jim Whitehead ejw
Fri Jul 22 10:39:21 PDT 2005

> Spouse is reading a ham radio magazine and enthusing about a 
> small hand-held device for creating Smith charts, which he 
> used to do 'the hard way' when he was a novice 30 years go in 
> high school.

I once attended an art installation at UC Irvine, where the exhibit included
use of Smith charts, as part of the artwork (there was a radio in there
someplace as well -- that was my connection to it).

Anyway, I started talking to the artist, telling her how I thought the use
of Smith charts was neat, and seeing connections between their
representation of signal space and the other abstractions used in the
artwork, and so on. 

Only to get a blankish stare, which was when I realized that she really
didn't even know what a Smith chart was... I guess sometimes you really can
read too much into something :-)

- Jim

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