[FoRK] and then I realized, "actually, that could work!"

Lucas Gonze lgonze
Fri Jul 22 13:14:20 PDT 2005

Jim Whitehead wrote:

> Anyway, I started talking to the artist, telling her how I thought the use
>of Smith charts was neat, and seeing connections between their
>representation of signal space and the other abstractions used in the
>artwork, and so on. 
>Only to get a blankish stare, which was when I realized that she really
>didn't even know what a Smith chart was...
I went to a symposium on complex systems at NYU.  There was an artist 
there among the various quantitative people.  The artist obviously had 
this metaphor in mind that she was damn well going to cram complex 
systems into.  I could tell that she was going to make art which used 
the buzzwords, even though she didn't understand the meanings behind them.

Most of the time artists use science for either pastoral messages (e.g. 
Frankenstein) or for hopelessly obvious political commentary on 

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