[FoRK] Audiophiles..

Ian Andrew Bell FoRK fork
Fri Jul 22 18:06:18 PDT 2005

...if you're bored and wanna hear something great (and you have  
bandwidth to spare) you can check out our test OGG Vorbis stream for  
PulverRadio.  It's cranking at around 140kbps and sounds much, much  
better than either our AAC or MP3 streams.  The test box is at our  
CoLo and it's using variable bitrate so if there're problems you're  
either too slow or too far away.

  - WinAmp has an OGG decoder.
  - Until Apple removes thumb from ass and installs an OGG CODEC in  
iTunes/QT for OSX you can get a plugin from here:





   PS -  (I will provide no warning when I move this to production,  
but feedback is always appreciated).

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