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Ken Meltsner meltsner
Mon Jul 25 00:56:16 PDT 2005

Sorry about the self-reply, but I got smart and googled for more info.
 This is the dry season!

"July, during the Southwest Monsoon, records the lowest average
rainfall. Much of the rain falls in sudden showers with rainfall of
more than 50 mm/day occuring about nine times a year. The annual
rainfall is 2352 mm."


Wisconsin, in contrast, gets around 31 inches (~800 mm) of rain per
year, plus about 45 inches of snow (which melts to much, much less). 

On the other hand, the coldest winter in Wisconsin had one month where
the average temperature was 2.5 F (~ -16 C).  Take that!


Also from that site, a helpful list of typical activities at different

... +50 F/ 10 C Wisconsinites plant gardens

+40 F/ 4 C Californians shiver uncontrollably
Wisconsinites sunbathe 

+35 F/ 2 C Italian cars don't start

+32 F/0 C Distilled water freezes

+30 F/-1 C You can see your breath
You plan a vacation to Florida
Wisconsinites eat ice cream

+25 F/-4 C Boston's water freezes
Californians weep pitifully
Cats insist on sleeping on your bed

+20 F/-7 C Cleveland's water freezes
San Franciscans start thinking favorably of Los Angeles
Green Bay Packer fans put on T-shirts

+15 F/-10 C You plan a vacation to Acapulco
Cats and dogs insist on sleeping in the bed
Wisconsinites swim with the Polar Bear Club

+10 F/-12 C It's too cold to snow
You need jumper cables to start the car

0 F/-18 C Sheboyganites grill brats on the patio, hey!

-5 F/-21 C You can hear your breath
You plan a vacation to Hawaii 

-10 F/-23 C American cars don't start
It's too cold to skate
Ice fishers close the door on their shanties

-15 F -26 C You can cut your breath and use it to build an igloo
Wisconsinites lick flagpoles

-20 F/-29 C Cats sleep in your pajamas with you
People in La Crosse think about taking down their screens

-25 F/-32 C It's too cold to kiss outside
You need jumper cables to get the driver going
The Milwaukee Brewers head for Spring Training

-30 F/-34 C You plan a two-week hot bath
Pilsner freezes
Bock beer production begins
Wisconsinites shovel snow off the roof

-40 F/-40 C Californians disappear
Wisconsinites put on sweaters

-50 F/-46 C Alaskans close the bathroom window
Green Bay Packers practice indoors

-60 F/-51 C Walruses abandon the Aleutian Islands
Sign on Mount St. Helens: "Closed for the Season"
Wisconsinites put away their gloves and take out the mittens
Boy Scouts in Eau Claire start the Klondike Derby

-70 F/-57 C Hudson residents replace their diving boards with hockey nets
Green Bay snowmobilers organize a trans-lake race to Sault Ste. Marie

-80 F/-62 C Polar bears abandon Baffin Island
Fastest race ever at the Birkebeiner
Girl Scouts in Eau Claire start their Klondike Derby

-90 F/-68 C The edge of Antarctica reaches Rio de Janeiro
Minnesotans migrate to Wisconsin thinking it MUST be warmer

-100 F/-73 C Santa abandons the North Pole
Wisconsinites pull down their ear flaps

-173 F/-114 C Ethyl alcohol freezes
Only Door County cherries are usable in Brandy Old Fashioneds

-297 F/-183 C Oxygen precipitates from the atmosphere
Microbial life survives only on dairy products

-445 F/-265 C Superconductivity

-452 F/-269 C Helium liquefies

-454 F/-270 C Hell freezes over

-456 F/-271 C Illinois drivers drop below 85 mph on I-90

-460 F/-273 C All atomic motion ceases
Wisconsinites allow that it's getting a mite nippy


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