[FoRK] What's that sound???

Adam L Beberg beberg
Mon Jul 25 19:32:01 PDT 2005

Joe Barrera wrote on 7/25/2005 5:53 PM:
> This is a GOOD thing. It's time for young couples/families
> looking to own a home to no longer be fucked by yuppies
> looking for that remaining 10%+/year investment. There
> was recently an article in (Wall Street Journal?) about some
> yuppie fuck who was pissing and moaning about *barely*
> making a 6%/year profit on some property he was forced to
> sell before he wanted to. Well: boo fuckin' hoo.

Oh don't worry, the older generation has screwed over the next 4 or so 
generations, assuming they haven't forked the climate so bad that we all 
die. Most teen americans haven't a chance in hell of ever owning any 
property at all, only leasing, renting, or EULA'ing it. They're all just 
serfs now.

Adam L. Beberg

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