[FoRK] What's that sound???

Albert S. albert.scherbinsky
Wed Jul 27 08:58:04 PDT 2005

--- Bill Stoddard <bill at wstoddard.com> wrote:
> Yep, aka an "asset bubble" aka "realestate bubble".

Exactly, increases in prices ie. inflation whether it
be in stocks, bonds, realestate, or otherwise is
primarily a monetary phenomenon.

We call it a "housing bubble" as though it were the
fault of the housing industry that prices are getting
too high. We called it a "Tech Bubble" as though it
were fault of the Tech industry that Tech stocks were
getting too high. Primarily, these problems are caused
by too much money floating around looking at too few
assets to purchase.  There is of course also the
frenzy of wild eyed speculators trying to make a quick
buck from the bubble de jour.


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