[FoRK] What's that sound???

Albert S. albert.scherbinsky
Wed Jul 27 12:27:06 PDT 2005

Canada likely has the most to gain from the purchase
of Hummers. Most people think Saudi Arabia is the
largest source of oil to the U.S. but it is actually
Canada. Ironically Canada also has the most to gain
from global warming. Think about it, all that fozen
Arctic tundra becomes habitable. Nunavut or Bust! I'd
tell you George Bush was just a puppet of the Canadian
Government, but you'd think I was completely off my


--- "Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK)" <fork at ianbell.com> wrote:

> On 27-Jul-05, at 8:29 AM, Joe Barrera wrote:
> > What if there were some way of permanently raising
> temperatures
> > worldwide? Then we wouldn't have to touch our
> thermostats!
> Maybe we could take Steve's space mirrors and point
> them at our own  
> planet?  Oh, fuck it.  Just buy a Hummer.
> -Ian.

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