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I *am* on drugs, right?

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Subject: 	TMBG: Godley & Creme?
Date: 	Sun, 31 Jul 2005 21:28:03 -0700
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Do John or John acknowledge any debt to Godley & Creme?

I heard "I Pity Inanimate Objects" as a teenager, and finally
got around to purchasing Godley & Creme's "Images"
(a best-of), and some of their songs (from late 70s/ early 80s)
sound as close to TBMG as I've ever heard. Am I on drugs?

Of course... "Wedding Bells" sounds totally like Squeeze,
and "A Little Piece of Heaven" like Elvis or someone,
and "Get Well Soon" like Bill Nelson, but somehow there
seems to be a lot of TMBG throughout it all. Especially
in "The Power Behind the Throne".

And of course "Bits of Blue Sky" sounds like Bowie but
structurally sounds a lot like "Fingertips".

- Joe

Why is everybody talking in speech balloons
And disappearing in Tequila fumes?

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