[FoRK] CGE2K5: old games never die...

Rohit Khare rohit
Mon Aug 8 16:08:27 PDT 2005

Who's in? :)


Classic Gaming Expo enters its eighth year as the world's first and  
largest event paying tribute to the people, systems and games of  
yesteryear. The 2005 event will be the biggest and best ever, with  
lots of surprises to be announced as the show draws near!

The show is open to the public, gamers of all ages are welcome.

The show will open at 9am on Saturday, with the main floor closing  
down at 5pm, after which the CGE Auction will begin. On Sunday the  
doors open at 10am and close at 4pm. Take a look at the Classic  
Gaming Expo events Schedule, more details will be posted just prior  
to the show.

The show will be held in Burlingame at The San Francisco Airport  
Hyatt Regency on August 20th and 21st, 2005. You can get the updates  
on the front page or visit the CGE Forum at the Retrogaming  
Roundtable for up-to-the-minute information. See the Discounts page  
for added incentives: besides the great room rate you'll qualify for  
one of three Sony PSP's being given away to all of our Hyatt guests,  
and each room will receive a free Dragon Boy handheld game console.

This year is prime to be the biggest and best ever, sponsored and  
supported by Digital Eclipse, Intellivision Productions, SNK, Special  
Olympics, Tips & Tricks magazine, Twin Galaxies and Video Game  
Collector magazine.

Meet the Legends of video gaming! Dozens of video gaming's "alumni"  
will be present. In recent years the show has featured the likes of  
Nolan Bushnell, Ralph Baer (the "father of home video games"), Al  
Alcorn (the creator of Pong), Don Bluth (former Disney artist who  
crafted Dragon's Lair and Space Ace), David Crane (Pitfall!,  
Dragster), Katz, Kunkel and Worley (Electronic Games, Sega Visions),  
Jay Smith (designer of the Vectrex), and many more. This year's list  
of attendees can be found on the celebrities page and will be updated  

These greats will be speaking at a series of keynotes that extend  
from the beginning of the day on Saturday through the end of the day  
Sunday, and will also be on hand to meet and greet attendees and sign  
autographs. Bring your games!

The CGE Museum features over 1000 items including many one-of-a-kind  
gaming artifacts! The museum contents change with each year so you're  
always guaranteed to see something new that's probably quite old -  
and rare!

The CGE Classic Arcade features dozens of coin-op machines set to  
free play. Revisit the games of yesteryear and see why there's no era  
like the classic era.

Classic game consoles are set up along the main floor interior. Bring  
back some memories of your Atari 2600, Vectrex, Nintendo NES,  
Genesis... with lots of popular and rare games to try out.

Live musical entertainment, featuring some very talented artists who  
bring classic game themes to life, past events have included the  
talents of 8-Bit Weapon, Tony Fox NYC, The Minibosses, FirestARTer,  
and the C-Men.

Prizes and tournaments at every turn, including special events  
sponsored by Intellivision Productions, Twin Galaxies and Digital Press.

Each year, new games are debuted and released. This information is  
typically saved until very close to the show, so check the front page  
for updates. In years past the show debuted CGE Services' Elevator  
Action and Looping for Atari 2600, OlderGames.com Mighty Mighty  
Missile for Sega CD, Atari2600.com Bristles for the Atari 5200 and  
Good Deal Games' ColecoVision 14-in-1 Pack. Stay tuned for this  
year's releases.

A live auction is held on Saturday night after the show, where many  
rare and one-of-a-kind items are put on the block. You could end up  
getting the deal of a lifetime!

Participate in the "Swap Meet", where we will have a dedicated room  
for collectors and retro gamers to get together for some wheelin' and  

The show is always covered by local media as well as the industry's  
household names: G4TechTV (X-Play, Filter, Icons), CNN and  
Retrogaming Radio will be broadcasting/reporting live from the show.  
Media passes are available upon request.

Dozens of exhibitors with classic gaming ware will be on hand,  
including 4Jays, Atari2600.com, B&C Computervisions, Digital Press,  
Intellivision Productions, Jakks Pacific, Konami, Midway,  
OlderGames.com, Packrat Games, Songbird Productions, and Twin  
Galaxies. Be sure to check out the exhibitors page for details on  
each, as this grows quickly closer to showtime.

Don't miss special events hosted by our show's exhibitors, like  
Digital Press' annual Classic Video Game Jeopardy or last years'  
Nintendo World Championship redux tournament hosted by The Lost  
Levels. Every year presents new fun, games, and prizes around every  

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