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Ken Meltsner meltsner
Mon Aug 8 17:16:11 PDT 2005

My guess is that anything German or Swiss is going to cost the earth,
and be really, really precise.  If nothing else, the euro is doing
real well right now, so Amurrican-made is the best deal.

There were a number of hits at eBay for Rexroth -- I assume they were
acquired at some point by Bosch.  The hits were mostly for hydraulic
and pneumatic components.

MK has cool new wood profiles -- well, actually it's that
thermoplastic + wood fiber stuff, but it's apparently cheaper and
lighter than aluminum.  None of their distributors sounded familiar,
but these guys love to give away catalogs, especially if you ask
nicely and have a corporate address.

Heck, I told the local 80-20 distributor that I was just interested in
extrusions for some "midnight engineering" projects, nothing official
or profitable, and he still sent me the big book, which must have cost
10 or 20 bucks to print.

80-20's selling point for me is that they get rid of overruns,
returns, blems, etc. on eBay, so they're more accessible to the small
guy.  I hate dealing with big industrial distributors when it actually
comes time to buy something because they essentially ask me to lie
about being a business -- Grainger, for example, won't sell to
"consumers," so you need to make up a batch of business cards before
going to visit them.


On 8/8/05, Dave Long <dave.long at bluewin.ch> wrote:
> A little while back we were talking
> about 8020 and linear motion.  It'd
> seem that MK (maschinenbau kitz) or
> Bosch Rexroth have beaucoup de apps
> for framing, as well as pretty high
> end solutions for XYZ/rotary motion.
> Any of you all know how their price
> and service compares?
> -Dave
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Absolute power corrupts absolutely, but model train sets do a pretty
good job as well

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