[FoRK] Anything to be learned from religion?

Albert Scherbinsky albert
Wed Aug 10 12:53:25 PDT 2005

Personally in the past I have not had much use for
religion. I've always figured that if there was a God,
and there was something particular [It] wanted me to
do then It would ask. I mean It's God, right.
Supposedly It can do whatever It wants. Why would it
beat around the [burning] bush about what It wanted me
to do.

Lately my views have broadened, or maybe I'm just
getting soft with age. It seems to me there are one
heck of a lot of people who believe in this stuff, and
so there must be something to be learned from the
phenomenon of religion itself. Perhaps even something

1. Religions have been extremely successful at
persisting over long periods of time.

2. People seem to have a need for a higher purpose,
whether one exists or not.

3. Stories are a very powerful means of passing
knowledge from generation to generation, whether they
are true or not.

Often it seems to me that proponents of Science have
trouble communicating effectively. Maybe Science has
something to learn from the Religious process.


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