[FoRK] Anything to be learned from religion?

Sat N sateesh.narahari
Wed Aug 10 15:07:55 PDT 2005

Religion beats science in marketing. Religion invented viral marketing, 
religion invented peer to peer communication. Religion invented customer 
reward program ( well, the rewards don't actually cost the religion 
anything, but customers believe they are getting rewarded). Religion is more 
powerful than MLM.

More importantly, religion has mastered the art of turning around every bug 
in their software as an user error. ('Oh, what you wanted didn't happen?. 
Did you do the pooja correctly, did you use the right priest etc etc etc).

All this is done with a vaporware.

On 8/10/05, Albert Scherbinsky <albert at softwarepress.com> wrote:
> Personally in the past I have not had much use for
> religion. I've always figured that if there was a God,
> and there was something particular [It] wanted me to
> do then It would ask. I mean It's God, right.
> Supposedly It can do whatever It wants. Why would it
> beat around the [burning] bush about what It wanted me
> to do.
> Lately my views have broadened, or maybe I'm just
> getting soft with age. It seems to me there are one
> heck of a lot of people who believe in this stuff, and
> so there must be something to be learned from the
> phenomenon of religion itself. Perhaps even something
> useful.
> 1. Religions have been extremely successful at
> persisting over long periods of time.
> 2. People seem to have a need for a higher purpose,
> whether one exists or not.
> 3. Stories are a very powerful means of passing
> knowledge from generation to generation, whether they
> are true or not.
> Often it seems to me that proponents of Science have
> trouble communicating effectively. Maybe Science has
> something to learn from the Religious process.
> Regards,
> Albert
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