[FoRK] Anything to be learned from religion?

Adam L Beberg beberg
Thu Aug 11 14:31:17 PDT 2005

Albert Scherbinsky wrote on 8/10/2005 12:53 PM:
> Personally in the past I have not had much use for
> religion.

Only because of where you live, you have food and water... for now.

When there is no food, religion serves the very useful, no downright 
critical function of telling us who to kill. At times you have to have 
an "us and a "them" to justify killing on a scale that matters.

With the coming oil/water/food wars, religion will be back in the 
spotlight as 6.5 billion poeple have to start killing someone off. About 
85 million a year to even hold the population steady, far more to reduce 
it to sustainable once we toast the atmosphere. And don't give me any 
B.S. about how poor people will somehow stop breeding on their own.

You were which religion again? ;)

Adam L. Beberg

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