[FoRK] Re: Anything to be learned from religion?

Robert Harley robert.harley
Thu Aug 11 15:26:24 PDT 2005

>Have you ever read "The Story of Pi"?  (No it isn't about math...)  The
>reviews on Amazon don't do it justice, for the most part.

Yes.  It was OK, but idn't live up to its reviews IMO.

>[...] On the cover it said "This will make you believe in God", so I
was intrigued.

Have you ever noticed how blurb on book covers tends to be ever-so-slightly OTT,
beaten only by blurbage for West-end shows?

>[...] Too bad we don't learn philosophy in school...

Depends where you study.  Philosophy is part of curriculum in French
Too bad my philosophy teacher was a complete basket case who got hung
up on Zeno's "paradox" and like to claim that Einstein was an idiot
but Bergson was a semi-god.  Worse of all was that he marked essays
according to how faithfully you repeated his garbage.


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