[FoRK] Re: Anything to be learned from religion?

Lucas Gonze lgonze
Thu Aug 11 15:27:10 PDT 2005

>>> If you want to make science compete with religion
>> The competition is over, science won. What are we currently witnessing?

I don't think that science and religion compete.  I think that science 
competes with authoritarianism. 

Notice that science emerged right around the time of Erasmus, the 
reformation, and the end of the dual monarchy/theocracy power structure 
that Europe was organized around after the fall of the Roman empire.  I 
think that the current anti-science backlash among the American far 
right is part of a movement which wants to go back to that dual power 
structure (which begs the question of how the different christian 
movements will make peace among themselves, given that American 
religious politics are driven by protestants).

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