[FoRK] Re: Anything to be learned from religion?

Albert Scherbinsky albert
Thu Aug 11 19:04:15 PDT 2005

I knew it would be impossible to avoid some
epistemology in this discussion. You may have noticed
that my three points were made independent of the
"truth" of religion. But now that we have gotten down
into to mud, let's get real dirty.

To the extent that "truth" exists at all, there are
different kinds of "truth". Math is "true" by
definition. It is an invention of the human mind.
Religion is supposedly "true" by revelation. Many,
including me are inclined to believe that religion is,
like Math an invention of the human mind. And, likely
an invention that has no analog in "reality". The
thing with Math is that it has all sorts of analogs to
things in "reality". Or, at least, reality as we
experience it. I suspect that when you say that "Math
is true" what you really mean is that "Math has lots
of analogs in our experience".


--- Aidan Kehoe <kehoea at parhasard.net> wrote:

> Maths is truth. Everything else is only the best
> model we have for the
> phenomenon at the moment. 

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