[FoRK] on fear

Dave Long dave.long
Sat Aug 13 13:41:56 PDT 2005

> When I see soldiers on the streets, and I see police dressed like
> soldiers, I think to myself, this is not where I want to be. Their
> presence is a sign of failure and danger.

In the local (swiss) paper this week there
was a letter from someone who had recently
visited NY.  Now, I'm pretty poor with the
languages still, but as far as I can tell,
among the things he found bizarre were:

- what's up with "all war, all the time"?
- what's up with all the homeless?

(not that a Swiss would find it unusual to
have soldiers on the streets -- it must be
the air of paranoia that prompted comment)


:: :: ::

> For example: I've been sent with children to the bathroom, 20 ft. away,
> at the mall foodcourt in Ohio because "she" heard some wild story about
> pedophiles in bathrooms.

I don't know how true this is for the rest
of the country, but here the kids all walk
(or bike, or if they're over 14, moped) to
school, and home for lunch, and back again
both ways.

Now, except for the lunch part, that seems
very familiar from my childhood growing up
in the States -- but from what I saw at CA
schools, it seems many parents think it is
dangerous out, and chauffeur their kids.

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