[FoRK] on fear

Stephen D. Williams sdw
Sat Aug 13 18:07:44 PDT 2005

I grew up 1/2 in a sparse area and 1/2 in a city of about 110K.  At 5, I 
walked several miles downtown in the city to look around, go to the main 
library, and have a coke by myself at the Big Boy that my family often 
went to.  My 15, living in the sparse area, I had visited, by foot or 
bicycle, nearly every square block of civilization and highway within a 
20 mile radius.  With access to a subway, the possibilities are endlass.

You just have to teach children to take care of themselves as early and 
as broadly as possible.


Dave Long wrote:

> ...
> I don't know how true this is for the rest
> of the country, but here the kids all walk
> (or bike, or if they're over 14, moped) to
> school, and home for lunch, and back again
> both ways.
> Now, except for the lunch part, that seems
> very familiar from my childhood growing up
> in the States -- but from what I saw at CA
> schools, it seems many parents think it is
> dangerous out, and chauffeur their kids.
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