[FoRK] Death by terrorism

Stephen D. Williams sdw
Sat Aug 13 18:58:38 PDT 2005

J. Andrew Rogers wrote:

> ....


>The specific problem is that the new hyperkinetic motor platform generates
>extremely high acceleration and peak velocity that is pushing the
>engineering envelope right up against the limits of materials science and
>requiring the use of the most advanced exotic fabrication and materials the
>US knows how to produce.  It has spectacular range, closing speed, and
>terminal performance if you can keep the bloody thing together in flight,
>and because it moves so fast, you can count on a kinetic energy kill.  All
>in a very compact package.  There is footage on the web of small
>hyperkinetic rocket based weapon tests being used against armor at a couple
>miles range.  They make normal missiles look like they are standing still --
>it is something to see.
One of the interesting unclassified things that I heard a couple years 
ago was about how projectile based systems were being tested by 
embedding a transmitter and light sensor ... in the "bullet" and getting 
telemetry in "flight".  Now that's embedded!

I remember reading a computer industry article 10+ years ago when 3.5" 
harddrives were first coming to market.  The manufacturer got a call 
from someone who was having trouble with moisture.  It turned out they 
were putting the hard drives in the nose of rockets / missles.  Old hat 
now, but back then it was eye opening.

>J. Andrew Rogers

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