[FoRK] Oil at $66.86

Russell Turpin deafbox
Sun Aug 14 10:43:12 PDT 2005

"Strata R. Chalup":
>Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been running wild for years, so various 
>forward-thinking politicians are trying to
>crack down them.  Problem is, there are some indications
>of shaky accounting there..  The kind of oversight and investigation that 
>this bill could trigger could start a panic tumble. ..

There are some obvious implications of MBOs tumble. Higher
mortgage rates. Dampened real estate market. But with
regard to government bonds, will it cause a flight to them,
or from them? Normally, mortgage rates march pretty much
in step with long-term bond rates. But would this even be

Don't know. Don't know.

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