[FoRK] Re: Re: Re: Anything to be learned from religion?

Corinna schultz
Mon Aug 15 09:22:43 PDT 2005

Really? That's great.  I thought McCrone was all alone in his conclusions...
(I only read a couple of books on the subject, so I wouldn't consider myself
well-educated on the subject.)


"Jim Whitehead" <ejw at soe.ucsc.edu> wrote in message
news:200508111851.j7BIpqtI012325 at services.cse.ucsc.edu...
> > Look at the history of the debate about the shroud of Turin.
> > Nobody wanted to know the truth, even among the scientists
> > who studied it....
> I once met one of the scientists who did carbon isotope dating of portions
> of the shroud. She was very interested in the truth, and in her opinion,
> found it. The shroud was not old enough to belong to Jesus.
> - Jim
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