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Corinna schultz
Mon Aug 15 09:40:48 PDT 2005

I had a very strong negative reaction to it, partly, I suppose because it
was required reading for students at my school, and as a teacher, I was
aghast they were assigning something that was so insidious in confusing the
distinction between good thinking and fuzzy thinking. Also, the cover made
it an explicitly religious story, too.

Now, from the perspective of an adult, it was interesting, but I disagree
with (what I thought the author was saying) the ideas that stories are
better and somehow more meaningful or profound, since they romaticize the
brutality of life, and so forth. I think there's a place for those stories,
especially in handing down culture. But for a book that purports to make you
believe in God, a story like that only muddles the mind about something so
profound, and turns it into an emotional question "which do you want to
believe?", "which would you rather believe?"  Not "which one tells you more
about the world?", or "which one resonates better with reality as you know
it?", or "which one explains the facts better?"   (This is mostly the
response I gave to the student who asked me to read it, but with more

I shudder thinking about what random teenagers will pick up from this story,
if forced to read it by a random (uneducated) teacher who happens to be

For an adult, or a thoughtful teenager, or even a teenager with access to a
thoughtful adult, this is a good book to read.


"Albert S." <albert.scherbinsky at rogers.com> wrote in message
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"Life of Pi" is one of the best books I've read in the
past while. It is the perfect elaboration of my 3rd
point about story telling being a powerful means of
communication. That is the message of "Life of Pi", in
my opinion. I didn't end up believing in God after
reading it but I did end up believing in the power of
story telling.

--- Corinna <schultz at harlingen.isd.tenet.edu> wrote:

> Have you ever read "The Story of Pi"?  (No it isn't
> about math...)  The
> reviews on Amazon don't do it justice, for the most
> part.

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