[FoRK] what IT shortage?

Corinna schultz
Mon Aug 15 12:02:52 PDT 2005

I'm confused. I get this newsletter from the ACM and it keeps telling me
about how there's an IT talent shortage, and how there's a need for more
women in computing. And I find out today that all the H1B visa's for 2006
are taken, in record time apparently (last year, they didn't all go until

So if I throw my resume out there today, I should have headhunters
salivating over me tomorrow, right?

I'm under the impression that it's still hard to find work out there unless
you've got like 10 years experience, and you're an expert at Java, VC++,
Perl, Python, Crystal Reports, and some Astronomical Statistical software
package nobody's ever heard of!

Somebody tell me where I'm confused....

Please, I need to get out of Texas... *whimper*...


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