[FoRK] reddit: from Paul Graham's summer camp

Rohit Khare rohit
Mon Aug 15 18:08:00 PDT 2005

Fascinating! I used it to find http://www.hebig.org/blogs/archives/ 
main/000962.php ("feynman debunking manhole covers") and, for kicks,  
to submit http://www.norvig.com/performance-review.html ("if einstein  
worked at google") . Both Reddit and whatever-Aaronsw-is-working-on  
are at http://ycombinator.com/ --RK

> Y Combinator
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>  is a new kind of venture firm specializing in funding very early  
> stage startups. We help startups through what is for many the  
> hardest step, from idea to company.
> We invest mostly in software and Web services. And because we are  
> ourselves technology people, we prefer groups with a lot of  
> technical depth. We care more about how smart you are than how old  
> you are, and more about the quality of your idea than whether you  
> have a formal business plan.

> What is reddit?
> A source for what's new and popular on the web--customized for you.  
> We want to democratize the traditional model by giving editorial  
> control to the people who use the site, not those who run it. All  
> of the content on reddit is from users who are rewarded for good  
> submissions (and punished for bad ones) by their peers. You decide  
> what appears on your front page and simultaneously, which  
> submissions rise to fame or fall into obscurity.
> What can I submit?
> Anything. Well, almost anything. We'd like reddit to be the source  
> for everything that's new on the web: if it's linkable, it's  
> submitable. There is a caveat here, we presently only allow "work- 
> safe" material, which means no adult content.
> What does the 
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>  on the right side of each headline do?
> It hides the particular item (also known as the "rtm-button").
> How is popularity determined?
> Each time you promote 
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>  a submission, it boosts it closer to the front page. Conversely,  
> demoting 
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>  an item pushes it further down into oblivion.
> How are "redditors" ranked?
> When a particular item is promoted or demoted, the user who posted  
> it is either rewarded or punished--a system of editorial karma. In  
> the same way that popular submissions are voted to the top, the  
> individuals who post them get increases in karma. Each "redditor"  
> has an equal vote in rating submissions, regardless of his/her  
> karma. Although democracy isn?t perfect, this experiment should  
> supply the public with the information they demand while also  
> rewarding those who provide it.
> How do I accumulate karma?
> The exact formula is our little secret, but the easiest (and most  
> effective) way is by making good submissions: items that other  
> people want to read and will subsequently become popular. Those  
> redditors who best understand what people want to be reading about  
> will be the best rewarded.
> Why should I try to accumulate karma?
> This is the sort of personal question we try not to answer in a  
> FAQ. It may be worth getting at least a cursory understanding of  
> the concept, but reddit makes no guarantees about achieving Nirvana.
> Our editorial karma works a bit differently. It is a way for you to  
> be ranked among your peers in order to reap the bragging rights  
> associated with such status.
> Can anyone submit?
> Yes, if you are registered. Submitting is highly encouraged because  
> the system is working at its best when people are contributing to  
> it. By making contributions deemed valuable by your peers, your  
> karma increases, which boosts your rank.
> Who made reddit?
> In one sense, if you've participated--you have. But that was  
> probably not the answer you were looking for. This site is brought  
> to you by two recent University of Virginia grads in an apartment  
> outside of Cambridge, MA. You can find us within the reddit  
> community contributing as spez and kn0thing (not our legal birth  
> names).

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