[FoRK] Shooting Brazilians

Robert Harley robert.harley
Tue Aug 16 16:23:39 PDT 2005

Hardly worth bringing up in comparison to what the U.S. of A. perpetrates,
but close enough to home that I'll bring it up anyway.


>Acting suspiciously
>BBC home affairs correspondent Daniel Sandford said the leaked
>documents appeared to be witness and police statements given to the
>He said the statements suggest Mr de Menezes had walked into Stockwell
>Tube station, picked up a free newspaper, walked through ticket
>barriers and had started to run when he saw a atrain arriving.
>In the immediate aftermath of the incident, police said Mr de Menezes
>had been acting suspiciously and suggested he had vaulted the ticket
>Police also said the Brazilian electrician had worn a large
>winter-style coat - but the leaked version suggested he had in fact
>worn a denim jacket.
>The leaked version said Mr de Menezes was being restrained by a
>community officer when he was shot by armed police, our correspondent

Legislation that infringes age-old civil liberties?  Shoot-to-kill
policy?  Don't worry, we'll use the powers we've just granted
ourselves wisely.  You must support of terrorism if you disagree. 
(Wait a sec 'til we ban that too..  Treason, that's the ticket!)


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