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Wed Aug 17 17:44:59 PDT 2005

Adam Rifkin wrote:

 > Instant Karma's gonna get you, Gonna knock you right on the head

That's it. I'm spending the next week in bed with my wife.

- Joe
'Upon writing "The Ballad Of John And Yoko," Lennon was in a
hurry to record it. Having arranged the studio at the last moment,
McCartney was the only other Beatle available. Consequently, the two
of them recorded the song to completion in nine hours. On this song,
Paul played the drums, piano, maracas and bass, while John played lead
and acoustic guitars and sang the vocals. This song was the first song
The Beatles recorded that was mixed solely in stereo. Although this
would not be the last time that John and Paul worked together in the
studio, it would be their last major collaboration.

'In mixing and recording the song, Paul first played the drums, while
John played the acoustic guitar for the basic track. Then the two
Beatles overdubbed two lead guitar parts by John, then overdubbed the
piano, the bass and percussion parts by Paul.

'Upon its release in the United States, many radio stations refused to
play the song because of the use of the word, "Christ," as well as
people misunderstanding what Lennon was saying when he mentioned the
word "peace." Many thought he meant "piece," having sexual
connotations. Other radio stations played the song, but bleeped out
the word "Christ."'

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