[FoRK] Not the linux-mini yet,

Udhay Shankar N udhay
Thu Aug 18 22:14:53 PDT 2005

Lucas Gonze wrote [ at 10:39 AM 8/19/2005 ]:

>You can't trust the keyboard, though.  Any secrets have to originate on 
>the mini and be encrypted as they pass through the untrusted cybercafe machine.
>For starters there's a big freebie to bootstrap the system: ssh 
>passwordless login.  However that won't help you with any web site you 
>have to log in to, most importantly webmail.

Maybe an on screen keyboard on a webserver you control, hardcoded to go to 
yahoo/gmail/whatever? The actual email may not have that level of security 
requirement, but the passphrase surely would.

>Plus, you need the ability to have the mini proxy bytes to the internet 
>via the untrusted machine.

That should be easy enough to do, surely?


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