[FoRK] Re: bad to the last drop.

Steve Nordquist signa
Fri Aug 19 02:12:45 PDT 2005

RS> I'm surprised that Fox didn't pin the "decoy" on the ACLU - as
> conjecture, of course.

It's not the news that's bad, it's a lack of persistent wrappers for news.
If you want both news and fakeness, reperistalsitation (preripsalmitat?),
max-saturation (color) and color control, you must first install Apache-
EvilLuceneSquidEclipse on your set.  Click here.*
Someone update the weather ticker archetypes, please.

*May not work on sets which have been modified to take actual
advantage of the excess embedded intelligence in the flat panel's
or plasma logic circuitry, which will continue to invent news _on
their own._

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