[FoRK] Re: bad to the last drop.

Dave Long dave.long
Fri Aug 19 09:57:39 PDT 2005

 > > Other than that... in Paris the tap-water is so loaded with calcium
 > > that if you put it in your iron,
 > > you'll need a new iron every few months.  In London they have to add
 > > the stuff.
 > In my what?  Whoa.  How often am I supposed to be using this thing in
 > France and how does it ever melt the solder? : /,

metallic sodium rework stations ?

For those of you who come from the
stateside geek background, here is
a comparison (assuming that people
vote with their wallets) of a very
different set of priorities:

     Soldering Iron        CHF    15
     Mac Mini              CHF   750
     LauraStar Magic i-S5  CHF 1'400
     Siemens Dressman      CHF 1'700

Now, the Dressman is so unusual it
might be worth the big ask, but is
a LauraStar Magic system that much
better than the models that can be
had for around half a Mac Mini?


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