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Corinna schultz
Mon Aug 22 11:42:34 PDT 2005

Here's what we've done with our kids (boy, age 7, girl, age 5)

1) They're homeschooled (influences are: John Holt, Montessori, unschooling,
our own school experiences), primarily by my husband, who is the stay at
home parent.

2) We (the parents) don't watch tv, so they have no interest in it either.
We have a weekly movie day, where we let them watch a movie they pick out
from our small collection or a Netflix rental. We have a couple of IMAX
films, and better films like the Iron Giant, Secret of NIMH, etc, a couple
of Philip Glass films...

3) There is a one day a week Computer day, where our son can play one of a
selection of games we have, like I Spy, Clue Finders, Incredible Machine.
We're very selective about what kind of games to allow. All of them are
highly interactive, and very low-flashy-quotient.

4) They both are involved when we do things around the house, like fixing
stuff, building stuff, installing things. And they get scraps to play with.
Our son has done some interesting things with scrap wood and pipes. He even
spends his allowance at Home Depot on hinges and latches and things like

5) We (the parents) read a lot, so they read a lot too. My daughter was
really excited when she finally got her own library card a few months ago
(when she could finally write her name clearly), because now she could check
out 10 books for herself instead of having to share my card.

6) As the working parent, I need to find ways to spend time with my kids. On
alternating days, I spend about 20 min one on one time, cooking dinner or
letting them show me drawings, etc. I've started giving music lessons to my
daughter, and Logo (turtle) lessons to my son, to complement the academics
they're getting in their regular lessons. We also play games like Uno,
MasterMind, Mancala. My son plays Pokemon  and Neo-pets with my husband
almost every day (great for addition practice!).

I would encourage every parent to carefully think about what to do for your
kids. Don't just default to something -- make lifestyle choices that fit
your values, and your kids will better internalize those values.


"Matt Jensen" <mattj at newsblip.com> wrote in message
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My intuition says that my kid will (in a number of senses) better learn
things like logic and reasoning by setting up a marble run, or dominoes. (Or
Fridgits (sp?), a cool marble run-style game you stick on your fridge.)

(Additionally, there's an emotional issue here. My wife spends much more
with our kid, and she needs the ability to get a break more than I do.  But
don't want things to come to the point where I come home from work, have
only a
short time to play with the kid, but the kid would rather play a computer

I'd really like to hear stories of success or regret/concern from forksters
have gone through this issue before, particularly ages 2-4.

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