[FoRK] Katrina

B.K. DeLong bkdelong
Mon Aug 29 08:40:17 PDT 2005

At 06:48 PM 8/28/2005, Robert Harley wrote:
>Is it my imagination or on Friday were people saying that the spike in
>oil prices on fears of Katrina hurting production in the Gulf of
>Mexico were unwarranted because it was only category 2, going on for
>3, but would weaken at landfall around the Florida panhandle?
>Now it's a whopper and Exxon, Chevron, BP, Royal Dutch etc are
>evacuating rigs as fast as they can.  Hope the bayous are still there
>when it's passed.

Does anyone have any maps with GPS location of the rigs? Would be 
interesting to watch the radar path go over them.

Also, I've mapped locations of Weather Channel forecasters in the 
field down to 40-100ft in Google Earth. It's nifty to see the camera 
shots as they show what's going on and "fly to" the scene.


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