[FoRK] Web services brokering and transformation proposal from Apache

Strata R. Chalup strata
Mon Aug 29 15:42:10 PDT 2005


FWIW, as far as I can tell CORBA didn't fail because the idea was inherently 
bad, it failed because once the idea started to take off, none of the companies 
funding development wanted any of the others to get a competitive advantage.

So the protocol wars were fought based on who was furthest along with a working 
implementation, who had which features which would need rolling into a shared 
build, who is embracing-n-extending the mostest, etc.  I suppose its possible 
that the Apache proposal might succeed because it would be implemented as a 
STANDARD, whereas it took ages to simply agree on what was going to be in CORBA, 
and folks broke away from the main body with splinter implementations almost 

It would be good if the anti-pattern-ness could be defeated by Apache's 
blessing, but I have my doubts.  Meta-libraries seem to succeed better than 
applications or services.  I think the Perl DBI libs are an example of that.


Ken Meltsner wrote:

> On 8/29/05, Strata R. Chalup <strata at virtual.net> wrote:
>>After reading this, I actually had to go re-read it again, twice, to make sure
>>that 'CORBA' didn't appear in it anywhere.  It just seemed to flash before my
>>eyes somehow.
> Put better than I could....
> It seems that there's a recurring anti-pattern -- if it's good to hook
> up several "things" to something else, then it's better to hook up
> many things to many other things, that a single system can mediate
> between anything and everything in a fully orthogonal fashion.
> A2E tools usually fail, as far as I can recall, if only because one
> thing to another thing tools (or many things to one thing tools) tend
> to be cheaper, faster, and easier, and the A2E vendors have to go
> after seriously knotted and tangled problems that may be complicated
> for more than technical reasons -- the easier problems (the kind you
> make money on...) can be handled by simpler tools.
>  Example: LDAP and SQL to COM objects might be a good idea, but a tool
> that can expose COM objects via LDAP as well as all of the other
> permutations probably isn't.
> Ken Meltsner

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