[FoRK] How many cylinders do you own?

Stephen D. Williams sdw
Mon Aug 29 15:56:37 PDT 2005

Wow, not very civilized.  ;-)  Orrr arrrre youuuuuu????
You could count the motors in your computers; unless you run out of 
flash or core.  A VCR usually has at least 3.  A TiVo has 2 or more.

You have no electronics or cooking devices with LEDs?  Some of my rooms, 
including my bedroom, have up to a dozen LEDs running ambiently when the 
lights are off.  Several of them, such as the blue beacon in my ionic 
air cleaner, have to be covered to sleep, and I'm not even very 
sensitive to that kind of thing.


Robert Harley wrote:

>>Interesting metrics of civilized life:
>I've got:
>>Cylinders : 0
>>Engines : 0
>>Motors : 0
>>Lightbulbs / visible LEDs : 4 lightbulbs, plus that doesn't work right, and a couple o' blinky lights.
>>Computers : 4, including two prehistoric ones and one toy one.
>>Screens : 2, one in regular use.
>>Books / bookshelves: 100's of books, not enough shelves.
>>Exercise vehicles (bicycles, kayaks, skates, etc.) : 0 mechanical ones, 2 feet.
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