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Strata R. Chalup strata
Mon Aug 29 19:36:59 PDT 2005

This sounds like a really good idea.  My W.A.G. would be that the real accuracy 
of the speech recognition is more like 25 - 40%, which wouldn't be very useful. 
   In controlled conditions, eg at a cubicle desk, the folks leaving messages 
might be as much as 80 - 90% intelligible.  But in my experience, even when I 
call my cellphone voicemail on a landline for the clearest listening, I have 
trouble making out calls that were sent from cars, planes, and other important 
but noisy places.  Which unfortunately seems to be the majority of my voicemail 


Sebastian Hassinger wrote:
> Why on earth hasn't someone strapped an industrial-grade speech
> recognizing transcription service onto recorded voice message storage
> and allowed you to read/search the indexed transcript? Even with the
> seeming ceiling of 98% accuracy for speech reco it'd produce something
> usuable, surely. Plus the text transcript could be cross-linked to the
> recording, so that if something was unintelligible in the transcript,
> click, listen to it yourself. Duh.

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