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Adam L Beberg beberg
Wed Aug 31 08:14:42 PDT 2005

LA Governor orders full evac of city. Atlantis 2.0 (OK, so historically
most like 500.0 since humans seems to repeat this mistake often).

The Midwest now has gas lines, and the beginnings of stations with no
gas, the low grade is running out in Denver. It's over $3 almost
everywhere now. I assume it's about $3.50 (was 2.95 Monday) here in Palo
Alto even tho none of our gas comes via New Orleans, it's just gouging.

Lets see, 3k National Guard troops that should be helping empty the
city, are in Iraq getting killed off like duckies.

The money to maintain all the levees was cut. Fear not, the national
debt is still about 150K per man/woman/child.

Wholesale gas is up $0.22 this morning alone. Strategic oil reserves
tapped, but the dirty little secret is the reserve is now 2/3 sour
crude... only a couple refineries in the country can process sour crude.
i.e. Oil we cannot use.

Prediction: Bush will tell people to pray a lot, and his ratings will go up.

Oh, and the yield curve is now flat. I'm almost never wrong, but the
bond market near perfect. We're FoRKed. So long superpower, and thanks 
for overfarming all the fish.


Adam L. Beberg

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