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Reza B'Far reza
Wed Aug 31 08:15:08 PDT 2005

Well, being that we've looked at this problem at Voice Genesis for 3-4 years
now, I can tell you one thing:

User-independent Speech Recognition technology that exceeds 70% accuracy
with large vocabulary just doesn't exist.  IBM has put more money into this
than any other company... and, well, so far, there is nothing that can do

Now, even after you train the engine (Sphinx is the top of the line
open-source engine...CMU stuff... as good in quality as any commercial
package)... there is still (as of mid 2005) speech recognition with large
vocabulary ( > 1000 words with all possible phrase combinations) absolutely
nothing out there that provides a technology that users will accept...

We're working on getting something similar to what is being discussed
here..., but not exactly... since there are limitations in the base

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Reza B'Far, CTO
Voice Genesis, Inc.

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If it's lower than about 80% it'd be useless, I'd bet. Only one way to
find out - I'll set up a little test. Any good open source speech reco
engines out there? If not - to the torrents!

On 8/29/05, Strata R. Chalup <strata at virtual.net> wrote:
> This sounds like a really good idea.  My W.A.G. would be that the real
> of the speech recognition is more like 25 - 40%, which wouldn't be very
>    In controlled conditions, eg at a cubicle desk, the folks leaving
> might be as much as 80 - 90% intelligible.  But in my experience, even
when I
> call my cellphone voicemail on a landline for the clearest listening, I
> trouble making out calls that were sent from cars, planes, and other
> but noisy places.  Which unfortunately seems to be the majority of my
> traffic!
> Sebastian Hassinger wrote:
> > Why on earth hasn't someone strapped an industrial-grade speech
> > recognizing transcription service onto recorded voice message storage
> > and allowed you to read/search the indexed transcript? Even with the
> > seeming ceiling of 98% accuracy for speech reco it'd produce something
> > usuable, surely. Plus the text transcript could be cross-linked to the
> > recording, so that if something was unintelligible in the transcript,
> > click, listen to it yourself. Duh.
> >
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