[FoRK] Re: How many cylinders do you own?

Corinna schultz
Wed Aug 31 11:16:53 PDT 2005

Hmmm... let's see if I can do this from memory...

> Cylinders
    8 plus the lawn mower and the weed eater (do they have cylinders? I'm
only a computer geek...)

> Engines
   2 plus the lawn mower and the weed eater  (what exactly *is* an
engine...?  :)  )

> Motors
   tons. My son likes to take things arapt, and collect the motors. Then he
hooks up way too many batteries to try to drive them fast...  My daughter is
getting old enough that there's now a competition to get the privilege of
taking apart the object. Right now we're dismantling an old CDROM drive.
He's already claimed the motors...

> Lightbulbs / visible LEDs
  again, tons. 4 outside, 13 I think on the ceiling, and 7 lamps maybe.
LEDs - the vcr, clock, stereo, nightlight, etc

> Computers
   2 plus the P90 I'm still trying to revive.  I found an old copy of NT
4.0, but it turns out it doesn't have a sound card. We're looking around on

> Screens
do you mean monitors/TVs?
Not including the calculators and microwave, or the aforementioned
computers-- 2 if you include the cell phone  :)

> Books / bookshelves
We're always on the lookout for more shelves, cheap. Too many books. My kids
are starting to get a good sized collection already, too...

> Exercise vehicles (bicycles, kayaks, skates, etc.)
rollerblades.   That's it.  I think I need to exercise more...

(oh yeah, a frisbee and jump rope for my kids, and roller skates that I
think are outgrown.)

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