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Strata R. Chalup strata
Wed Aug 31 12:15:31 PDT 2005

Some things never change.

During our visit to the Keys in early 2003, Mike and I stopped at a memorial[0] 
site for the passenger train[1] that was shuttling women and children to 
'safety' during the Labor Day hurricane[2] of 1935.  It's not well-known outside 
of FL, except to railfans like my husband.


Quote from [1]:

"On September 2, 1935, with a hurricane close by and heading for the Keys, a 
locomotive and several baggage cars were assembled for the race against time. In 
Homestead, the engineer decided to move the locomotive to the rear of the train 
. This would allow a faster escape from the Keys. Waves were already washing 
over the tracks as the train approached Islamorada. As soon as the train 
stopped, families began boarding. The stop in Homestead, however, proved fatal. 
Within minutes a title surge of more than 17 feet swept over the train and 
island of homes, sweeping most out to sea. In the days to follow, more than five 
hundred bodies were found. No one will ever know the exact number of lives lost 
on that day. After twenty-three years of service, Henry Flagler's railroad died 
at sea during the great hurricane of 1935."

[0] http://www.keyshistory.org/hurrmemorial.html
[1] http://thefloridakeys.com/history.htm

Luis Villa wrote:
 > ...
> If a  cat 4-5 ever hits key west, everyone knows to expect a death
> toll in the tens of thousands, because the entire population will be
> stuck in one big traffic jam on US 1 right up until the surge rolls
> over them. 

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