[FoRK] How many cylinders do you own?

Ken Meltsner meltsner
Thu Sep 1 07:52:05 PDT 2005

Here in the frozen North:

Cylinders: 14 (2 V-6, 1 8 HP snowblower)
Engines: 3
Motors: (electric, > 1/4 HP) 8 2 blowers, 2 A/C, fridge, washer,
dryer, Shopsmith[1], dust collector, shop vacuum, 2 household vacuums,
sump, disposal. 3 more hand power tool motors (drill, router, RO
sander) and a couple of little ones in the kitchen.
Lightbulbs / visible LEDs: Way too many; previous owner had a thing
for 60 W candelabra lamps which cost 2-4x as much as a 60 W "A line"
Computers: 3 in active use, 1 work laptop, 4 in retirement
Screens: 2 laptops, 2 iMacs, 1 Quadra, 1 TV, 2 Nintendo DS, 1 GBA, 1
GBC, several retired
Books / bookshelves: ~7000 books (2k hardcover, remainder paperback
and trade paper).  In the middle of adding 120 linear feet of shelves
for most of the hardcovers.  A thousand or so books ago, we had ~120
moving boxes of books.
Exercise vehicles (bicycles, kayaks, skates, etc.): 2 bikes, not used

[1] Shopsmith motor powers table saw. drill press. bandsaw, jointer.
Other metrics:

Unpowered tools:
Planes: ~15
Drills/braces: 8
Saws: ~8
Yankee screwdrivers: 3
Metalworking vises: 2
Woodworking vises: 1 (unmounted)

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