[FoRK] Re: Re: Katrina - National Guard??

Stephen D. Williams sdw
Thu Sep 1 08:30:42 PDT 2005

The beauty of a presidential / congressional led representative 
democracy is that we can later blame it on the ones who Used to be in 
office while putting on a whole new face.  The new administration can 
say "Yea, those guys were bastards.  Do you want to play nice now or what?"

Usually, the US tempers it's actions by adhering to International rules, 
laws, treaties, and other means of gentle dimplomacy.  We've certainly 
worn a lot of that thin this time around, but sometimes a rough and 
messy shakeup can clear the way for a better set of relationships.  The 
Arabs finally get to try out their long-hanging threat of war against 
the infidels and the US gets to flex it's clumsy but infinitely powerful 
muscles.  Everybody should be over it for a long time at some point.

As for terrorism, as long as the numbers stay low enough, it will 
probably have to become like background noise to people, something like 
car accidents.  Various societies and practices may have to change 
(what's with all of the stupid religious gatherings of hundreds of 
thousands of people?  Or with long lines outside at police training 
areas?) to lower the possibility of mass destruction, but we're already 
going that way in some respects.  I don't provide much of an attractive 
target telecommuting from my fortress/house or driving my individual 
vehicle rather than taking mass transit to concentrated population areas.


Sebastian Hassinger wrote:

>Yeah, I know what you mean Corinna - lots and lots of opportunities
>for mayhem on a shoestring budget. Are the terrorists really that
>stupid/unmotivated? Or is their goal merely to provoke through induced
>paranoia the darker impulses in their enemies - the impulses to cede
>control of an open society to an plutocratic junta which treats all
>its citizens as criminals, and takes up arms against enemies, real
>and/or imagined around the globe, thereby turning both the outside
>world and its own citizens against it, and attracting implicit and
>explicit support to the terrorists' cause out of sympathy and dislike
>for the now overtly ill-mannered and belligerent goliath.
>On 9/1/05, Corinna <schultz at harlingen.isd.tenet.edu> wrote:
>>You know, after the OK bombing and then 9/11 I got to thinking that it's
>>really, really easy to cause lots and lots of destruction.  Kind of makes
>>you wonder just how severe the "imminent danger from terrorists" really
>>If they really wanted to hurt us, now would be a great time to set off a
>>bomb in Atlanta, Orlando, Detroit, anywhere with psychological importance...
>>"Stephen D. Williams" <sdw at lig.net> wrote in message
>>news:43162CAB.3060609 at lig.net...
>>>It occurred to me yesterday that obviously the best terrorist plan for
>>>NO would be (err, would have been) to weaken + bomb the levee in a
>>>number of places.
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