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At 01:00 PM 9/1/2005, kelley at inkworkswell.com wrote:
>Interesting blog:
>He is, so he says, reporting with information from the NOPD 
>themselves. (I'm a little tired of hearing that it's about a corrupt 
>PD to begin with, though.) These are extraordinary conditions. We 
>should hardly be surprised that people are behaving the way they 
>are, whether they're paid well or not. That's not unimportant, but 
>I'm not sure if even the best paid police officer anywhere could be 
>expected to do well under these conditions.

A friend on another list brought up an interesting point:

>What kind of company puts a high-availability data center on the 
>27th floor of a building with glass windows in a city below sea 
>level, next to the water, and known for hurricanes? Isn't this a 
>poor choice? Granted, they do seem to be doing fine, but wouldn't be 
>easier on everybody if this place was buried in the middle of say, 
>some place not known for floods, fires, earthquakes, or other 
>natural disasters but still has a good workforce to draw from? (e.g. 
>Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, etc etc etc)

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