[FoRK] How many cylinders do you own?

Aaron Burt aaron
Thu Sep 1 11:11:47 PDT 2005

OK, since everyone else is playing, here's an inventory from the east side
of Portland, the wrong side of the tracks and the near side of a BSEE.

On Mon, Aug 29, 2005 at 01:16:11PM -0400, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
> Interesting metrics of civilized life:

4 engines comprising 11 cylinders:
4 in the truck, 4 and 2 in the motorcycles, 1 in the Allstate.  
Only the truck and the 2-cyl motorcycle get any regular use.  
Not that it's stopping me from looking at another 4 cylinders this
evening; there's a forlorn '75 CB400F that needs rescuing.

5+ Motors:
A motor in the CD player, one in the box fan, 3 more in the PC (CD,
fans), a handful in the electronics junkbox.

20+ lightbulbs/visible LEDs:
7 lightbulbs.  Visible LEDs on the stereo and PC.  2 LED and 3
incandescent flashlights.  Several tubes and a neon glowbulb in the
radio by my bed (KLH Model 8, traded my Dad a Tivoli Model 1 for it.)

2+ computers:
Homebuilt PC running Ubuntu.  Toshiba Satellite 433 running Debian
Sarge.  If I'm not counting my faithful TI-85, should I count my even
less-capable Sinclair ZX-81?

2 screens:
Gave away my TV back in '92.  19" CRT for my PC to fit more xterms on.
Aforementioned Toshiba laptop.

Around 17 shelves, around 700(?) books:
Currently trying to winnow them down because I'm looking for another
apartment before Fall quarter starts, and it's cheaper than buying
more shelves.  There's another 30+ strays and 10+ library books.
Also buttloads of music in various round formats.

1 bicycle, 1 well-worn pair of Danner "Ft. Lewis" boots:
Despite Portland's well-deserved rep as a bike city, the bicycle is
mainly used for Urban Adventures rides, which are well worth the time
and exertion.  It's also a fine way to bar-crawl.  
I always wear a pair of hiking boots because I never know when
I'll find a mountain in the middle of my server room.

Occupants of household: 1.

Livin' it up 'fore the oil runs out,

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